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“I want to write a book” is the ambition stated by many people. I am fortunate to have realized this dream.

Tap It Away: 10 Minutes to Freedom With EFT

CopyriTap_It_Away__10_Minu_Cover_for_Kindle(1)ght 2011 by Leanna E. Manuel

Cover Photography by Joshua S. Manuel

ISBN 13:987-1477558195

Don’t Diet: Reprogram Your Weight With Meridian Tapping

Don't_Diet_Cover_for_Kindle(1)Copyright 2012 by Leanna E. Manuel

ISBN 13:978-1483981116

Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness

The wait is almost over. More info available soon. ISBN 978-1-9822-2606-0.