Bedtime Snack

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Do you have a habit of bedtime snacking? We all know it isn’t good for us for a whole lot of different reasons. Give the following tapping exercise a try.

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Setup: Even though I feel like I need a snack before bed, I choose to consider the possibility that this is just a habit, not a need. Even though I feel like I need a snack before bed, I choose to address my feelings about bedtime without always turning to food. Even though I feel like I need a snack before bed, I choose to love, honor, and accept myself.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I always want a bedtime snack

Side of Eye…As soon as I decide it is bedtime

Under the Eye…I automatically start thinking about food

Under the Nose…I’ve had a bedtime snack

Chin…Since I was a tiny child

Collarbone…It might have made sense for me then

Under the Arm…But I know it doesn’t really make sense for me now

Top of Head…Snacks before bed used to make me feel loved and cared for

Eyebrow…Now it is just something I do

Side of Eye…My body doesn’t need the food so that I can sleep

Under the Eye…In fact, sugary snacks probably interfere with my sleep

Under the Nose…Let’s face it

Chin…I love food, and food makes me feel loved

Collarbone…We all want to feel loved

Under the Arm…But I know that food doesn’t really do that for me

Top of Head…I am open to more clarity about this issue

If you are lucky, this might be enough to turn things around for you. More likely than not, you will need to do some additional tapping at bedtime about whatever feelings and thoughts you are noticing as you are ready to reach for that bedtime snack. Hopefully, the above tapping gives you a starting point.

This tapping is exercise 15 in Don’t Diet: Reprogram Your Weight With Meridian Tapping. Check it out and notice the bonus tapping exercise for body image that is included with it.

book cover for Don't Diet Reprogramming Your Weight With Meridian Tapping

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