Exercise vs Movement

Exercise vs movement

There is something about the word exercise that causes an emotional reaction for many people. I find it interesting that the word movement rarely elicits the same emotional response. Go ahead, say the words exercise and movement aloud and then notice what you feel. Try “I’m going to exercise” vs “I’m going to move.”

Although the literature suggests that exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental health, I believe many people are avoidant due to the negative connotation the word exercise has developed. Perhaps you were picked last for teams in gym class. Maybe you were teased about your level of coordination in the past. Maybe you have an internal dialogue about not being athletic.

Here are some steps you can use to get moving in the right direction.

walking on beach for movement vs exercise
  1. What forms of movement do you enjoy? Do you hate sit-ups but love to dance? List as many pleasurable ways to move that you can think of. My list would include swimming, dancing, and walking in the mountains or on a beach.
  2. What forms of movement can you tolerate, even if you don’t love them? I can tolerate an elliptical machine and stationary bike.
  3. What forms of movement do you really dislike? I dislike stair climbing, core strength training, and running.
  4. What forms of movement have you been curious about? My curiosity list includes kayaking, paddleboarding, yoga, rowing, and zumba.
  5. What holds you back? Some obstacles for me are physical limitations, availability, and not wanting to feel foolish, embarrassed, or “stupid” if I’m not good at something.
Possibility List

Once you have the answers to these questions you can start to create a Possibility List. Then you can use the list to increase the amount of movement you do each day. It’s ok to start small with types of movement you really enjoy.

How much different would it feel to say “I get to walk in the mountains” instead of “I have to exercise?” I have said it before, words have power. Deliberately choose the word that helps you live your values in a comfortable way.

Can’t Exercise Due to Busy Day

How many different excuses have you found to avoid exercise? I could probably fill a book with them. Tomorrow is a busy day is a common one for me, but I’ve also used my busy day today as an excuse. Even though I know tapping will work to overcome my resistance, sometimes I also avoid tapping in order to avoid the exercise. If you can make your self do it, I know that this one works.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point) – Even though I don’t think I can exercise tonight since I’ve had such a busy day, I choose to anticipate joy and relief that I am taking good care of my body. Right now I don’t think I can exercise becaues of my busy day, but I reserve the option to re-evaluate in a few minutes when I have taken the time to regroup. Even though I have some excuses about exercising tonight, I choose to consider whether this choice is congruent with my goals or not. I choose to love and accept myself either way.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I have had a very busy day

Side of Eye…So I don’t think I can really exercise tonight

Under the Eye…It would just be too much

Under the Nose…I worked so hard that I deserve to just do nothing for a while

Chin…Just one night off won’t really matter

Collarbone…I deserve it

Under the Arm…What am I saying?

Top of Head…Do I deserve to be unhealthy?

Eyebrow…I love the way I feel after I exercise

Side of Eye…It is true that it doesn’t always feel great to get started

Under the Eye…It is true that it sometimes seems pretty hard in the beginning

Under the Nose…I always feel proud of myself when I have the self discipline to exercise

Chin…I could just get started and then quit when my body says it has had enough

Collarbone…If the hectic day means a shorter workout that’s ok

Under the Arm…If the hectic day means a longer workout would be good to help me de-stress, that’s ok too

Top of Head…I am open to body guidance about this

This tapping exercise was written a long time ago and was included in Don’t Diet: Reprogram Your Weight With Meridian Tapping. It is highly relevant for me right now. Today I joined a new gym and the excuses for getting started are already swirling around in my head. I flipped open the book and saw this one. Definitely a message from the Universe.

Happy Tapping

book cover for Don't Diet Reprogramming Your Weight With Meridian Tapping