It Is Not Fair

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The tapping today is short, and at first glance might seem like it wouldn’t help. I encourage you to give it a try anyway. Put on your very best whiny voice and really throw yourself into it. Can you hear yourself, or someone else, saying that something isn’t fair? I’ve only written out one round, but that should be enough to get going. You might even want to throw yourself on the floor and have a tantrum — I’m not kidding. The more emotion you put behind this, the better the results.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point) – Even though it doesn’t feel fair that I have to diet while others eat all of the food they want, I deeply and completely love and accept myself just the way I am. Even though it isn’t fair that I have to limit my food in order to get to the weight I desire, I deeply and completely love and accept myself no matter what. Even though other people can eat more than I can and eat different foods than I can, I choose to focus on having the body I really want.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…Its not fair

Side of Eye…Its just not fair

Under the Eye…They can eat anything they want

Under the Nose…I can’t

Chin…Its not fair

Collarbone…I want to eat anything I want and still have a great body and good health

Under the Arm…Why them and not me?

Top of Head…Its not fair

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