Needing Wise Counsel

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The ostrich is a totem for wisdom. How do you react to others who have more experience than you do? Do you invite and welcome their wisdom into your life or do you insist on figuring everything out yourself? Do you rely to much on others rather than trusting in your own wisdom? This short tapping exercise may help you become more aware of your issues in this area.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point): Having others aroun dis important to me. Being able to learn from their experience and draw upon their wisdom when I am faced with new challenges or overwhelming situations is really beneficial. Also, there really is safety in numbers. I’m feeling pretty isolated right now, but I love and accept myself anyway. I want the safety of my herd. I love and accept myself. I crave the wise counsel of others. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I feel like an ostrich

Side of Eye…Seeking safety in numbers

Under the Eye…And attempting to protect myself

Under the Nose…By hanging out with the crowd

Chin…Watching how others handle things

Collarbone…Is how I learn

Under the Arm…I need to be careful about who I watch

Top of Head…I can learn what works

Eyebrow…And I can learn what doesn’t

Side of Eye…I just have to be smart enough

Under the Eye…To know the difference

Under the Nose…I feel like an ostrich

Chin…That can be good or not so good

Collarbone…I like having a group around me

Under the Arm…It keeps me safe

Top of Head…It helps me grow

As I noted before, this was a short tapping just to get your own thoughts and feelings moving. Write down any thoughts or feelings that you noticed while tapping. Are there specific situations in which you sought out the safety of the crowd that didn’t go as well as you wanted? Tap about those. Were there situations in which you chose to follow the example that was a what not to do instead of a what to do? Those would be good to tap about as well.

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