Tapping for Physical Problems

If you have been tapping for any time at all, you have become convinced of the value tapping brings to the table when talking about anxiety, depression, anger, and frustration. What you may not have experienced is the relief you can get with physical symptoms. In the past I’ve used tapping to manage the fear, pain, and helplessness associated with physical therapy.

As you will see in the video, tapping may not directly change the physical problem, but you can still get relief. In my case, tapping was useful in quieting the negative self-talk related to my injury. In addition, my my was reduced because my muscle tension was reduced. I strongly suspect that the tapping will enhance physiological healing as well.

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Pain In My Body

Pain In My Body

Many people have health concerns that range from the aches and pains of minor injuries to the deep and debilitating pain of a major illness. I often have pain in my body. There are many stories of EFT actually reducing or eliminating physical problems. I have worked with people who have successfully lowered their blood sugar and others who have used EFT to lower blood pressure. More frequently I have worked wth people to change lifestyle issues to improve overall health and wellness.

While many people experience real physical pain, there can be an emotional component to it as well. I experienced this firsthand with my knee surgeries. It hurt. In fact, it hurt alot. I was certain that the pain was going to overwhelm me. This was particularly true when I received physical therapy. Bending and straightening seemed ruthless and barbaric. The medications helped, but only to a point. So I tapped.

Scan your body for any source of stiffness, discomfort, or pain. Focus on this area as you say the problem statement aloud, “This pain/discomfort in my body is upsetting me. I need it to go away.” Rate the intensity of this statement on the 0-10 point scale.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point) – Even though I have this pain in my body, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I have this pain in my body, and I need it to go away, I deeply and completely love and accept all of me. Even though I have this pain in my body and it is really getting to me, I choose to relax and listen to what my body is telling me right now.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I have pain in my body

Side of Eye…I am not dealing with that very well

Under the Eye…I need it to go away

Under the Nose…I am afraid of what that pain means

Chin…My fear only makes the pain worse

Collarbone…And knowing that makes me feel bad

Under the Arm…It is real

Top of Head…My fear about the pain is real too

Eyebrow…Together, that is a bad combination

Side of Eye…Even though I have this pain

Under the Eye…I choose to remain strong and confident

Under the Nose…Even though I have pain in my body

Chin…I choose to do the things that are necessary to heal myself

Collarbone…Even though I have pain in my body

Under the Arm…I choose to let go of the fear so my body can heal

Top of Head…I choose to listen to what my body is telling me that it needs right now.

Take a dep breath and let it out. Check the intensity of your original problem statement, “This pain/discomfort in my body is upsetting to me. I need it to go away.” Is that statement as true as it was in the beginning? Do you notice any change in your pain? If you need more tapping, try using your own words to describe your pain and where it is in your body. Being specific helps.

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