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All The Plates Will Fall – Resistance to Meditation Part III

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I am still resistant to doing meditation and I apparently have an abundance of excuses about why I can’t meditate. I find that mildly humorous since I have been re-reading one of my favorite books, Eat Pray Love, in which there is at least a third of the book that addresses meditation.

One of my excuses is that it feels like all of the plates will fall down (the ones I have to keep spinning) if I stop to meditate. Although not as bad as at other times in my life, I often feel frantic because of all that I try to do and accomplish. Just a momentary lapse in trying to control my universe feels like it would be a disaster.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop point) – Even though I am still resisting meditation I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway. Even though I have what seems to be a million excuses why I can’t meditate, I choose to relax and know that I am ok just as I am. Even though it often feels like the world will tumble down around me if I stop to meditate for even a minute, I love and accept myself with or without all of my excuses.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I am still resisting meditation

Side of Eye…No matter how much I promise myself that I will do it

Under the Eye…I just can’t seem to stop for long enough

Under the Nose…And just considering it feels like I am courting disaster

Chin…While I logically know that meditation will help me do almost anything better

Collarbone…And with more ease

Under the Arm…It feels just the opposite

Top of Head…If feels like stopping to meditate

Eyebrow…Will allow all of those plates that I am trying to keep spinning in my life

Side of Eye…To fall to the ground and smash into tiny pieces

Under the Eye…Nothing but constant vigilance

Under the Nose…Can keep that from happening

Chin…This doesn’t seem to be just about meditation

Collarbone…But also about the lifestyle that I have accepted

Under the Arm…I may have to address more than one thing

Top of Head…In order to be successful with meditation

Eyebrow…I choose to consider the possibility

Side of Eye…That all of this is an illusion

Under the Eye…To keep myself safe

Under the Nose…Safe from what?

Chin…Probably safe from myself

Collarbone…Just like avoiding meditation, I can be my own worst enemy

Under the Arm…It might be time to consider a change

Top of Head…I could gently put down the plates

Eyebrow…I could ask someone to spin them for me

Side of Eye…Or I could let the plates take care of themselves during my meditation time

Under the Eye…The plates obviously take care of themselves when I am sleeping and my world doesn’t crumble

Under the Nose…The plates obviously take care of themselves when I am at work (at least most of the time)

Chin…I think I have revealed this to just be an excuse

Collarbone…And now I might consider letting it go

Under the Arm…I may still resist meditation and that is ok

Top of Head…But fear of falling plates is not a valid reason to avoid it

Take a deep breath and let it out gently. It is likely that different thoughts popped into your mind. For me, I think I have some work to do about my serious control issues.

Happy Tapping.

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