Food Is My Only Friend

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As we continue our resolutions related to food, exercise, and health in 2019 we will continue to use tapping to increase our odds of success.  The next tapping exercise begins to address some of the emotional reasons we eat.  In this case it is the feeling that food is our friend.  For some people, food may feel like their only friend.

illustration for karate chop point

Say this statement aloud, “Food is my only friend.”  How true does that feel to you?  It may be a stronger feeling on some days than others.  Rate it on the 0-10 scale (10=is very strong or very true.)

Setup (Karate Chop Point): Even though it feels sometimes like food is my only friend, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.  Even though I eat junk food when I am lonely, and I am afraid of losing my only friend if I stop eating, I choose to find other ways to manage this feeling.  Even though it is terrifying to think of changing my relationship with my food/friend.  I am open to a new way of being.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…Food is my friend

Side of Eye…How can I give that up?

Under the Eye…Sometimes I think food is my only friend

Under the Nose…I have no idea what I would do instead of eating when I feel lonely

Chin…Even the thought makes me want to eat more

Collarbone…Food feels like my best friend

Under the Arm…Everyone wants a best friend

Top of Head…And it’s always there when I need it

Eyebrow…Food never lets me down

Side of Eye…I always feel better when I eat ice cream or chocolate

Under the Eye…At least for a little while

Under the Nose…Later I feel pretty bad

Chin…I am open to others ways of handling these feelings

Collarbone…Food is just food

Under the Arm…It is ok to enjoy it, but I can learn how to handle these other feelings in different ways

Top of Head…Feelings are just feelings, and I can handle them.

Say the original statement again, “Food is my only friend.”  How true does that feel to you now?  Did other thoughts or feelings come up?  Did you find yourself arguing with any of the statements?  Those are great opportunities to continue your tapping on this issue until the truth of the original statement is very low.

Remember you can find these and other tapping exercises to assist in your health and wellness in Don’t Diet: Reprogram Your Weight With Meridian Tapping. 

book cover for Don't Diet Reprogramming Your Weight With Meridian Tapping

Questions or suggestions?  I’d love to hear from you.

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