How Long Does Tapping Take?

How long does tapping take? That question has two different components. First, the question could be how long does tapping take to learn? The second question seems to be how long does tapping take to bring relief from a problem or challenge? The first question is the easiest so lets start there.

Learning the basics of how to tap takes less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is learn the tapping points (or if you are really in a hurry all you need is to look at a tapping point chart or tap along to a video).

Tapping is one of those skills that gets easier and more effective with practice though. What can sometimes take the longest about tapping is to learn how to get to the heart of the matter that is bothering you. Sometimes we are really resistant (on a subconsious level). That is why I usually recommend that you start tapping, without any of the words that you see people using when they tap, and just experience the relief from the physical tapping first. Then, as you become more comfortable with that part, you can add words to help you “tune in” to whatever is going on.

The question about how long it takes to get relief is more difficult. How long seems to be a very specific to each individual and problem. That is not to say that problems causing severe distress take longer and minor distress resolves quickly. Some problems have been there longer, and in my practice seem to take longer to resolve. They often involve habitual ways of thinking and responding that have been reinforced by multiple life experiences.

For me that takes more tapping. That said, there can be significant relief within the first round or two of tapping, but there is more work to be done. I’ve managed the overwhelm and pain of physical therapy within a few minutes. Managing the frustration of needing physical therapy because of an injury has taken much longer. That is because of the negative self talk involved.

I have also found that the sooner you start tapping about something that is currently going on, the more quickly it will resolve. Stuck in traffic and frustrated? Tap while you are waiting and the emotional distress melts away. Wait 15 years to tap about something someone said to you in high school and it might take longer.

Happy Tapping.

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Why Tapping?

This could easily be a very short article. Why Tapping? It works! That really sums it up.

In all fairness, lots of other traditional psychotherapy techniques work too. In my practice I found that tapping worked more quickly, with less pain and distress, and was useful for a wider array of problems. What could take years to improve with traditional therapy improved within weeks or even hours if the person was committed to tapping.

I wasn’t always an enthusiast. I was an active skeptic and resisted the belief that anything that worked that fast for that many different kinds of problems could be legitimate. The results were very hard to dispute. After first using tapping for myself, then with a few different clients that were willing to give it a go, it really became my go-to technique for everything and still is.

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Bees – A Tapping Meditation

What is the first thing you think of when you see a bee? Is it the potential for being stung? Or perhaps it is the important role they play in our ecology. There is much we can learn from the spirit, role, and behaviors of bees. Join me in a tapping meditation.

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Fox – A Tapping Meditation

Fox is known as the magician and the keeping of magic. It is also said that fox possesses the gifts of shapeshifting and invisibility. They often live at the edges of forests and in the border areas.  There are 21 different species of fox but we almost never see them in the wild.  

We are not going to use a problem statement (MPI) or do the setup (karate chop), but instead are going to hop right into the tapping meditation. Take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly.

diagram of the tapping points
Side of Eye…Concealment
Under the Eye…Fox
Under the Nose…Camouflage
Under the Arm…Fox
Top of Head…Silent
Side of Eye…Keen senses
Under the Eye…Fox
Under the Nose…Recognizing opportunity
Collarbone…Trusting instincts
Under the Arm…Fox
Top of Head…Finding and accepting blessings
Side of Eye…Sexuality
Under the Eye…Fox
Under the Nose…Cunning
Collarbone…Protector of family unity
Under the Arm…Fox
Top of Head…Adaptation
Side of Eye…Swift thought and action
Under the Eye…Fox
Under the Nose…Decisive
Collarbone…What message do you have for me?
Under the Arm…Fox
Top of Head…Open to the wisdom of the fox
Eyebrow…I like the idea of being silent
Side of Eye…Becoming like the wind
Under the Eye…And being undetected in my observation of others and situations
Under the Nose…The downside is that I can feel I am not worth noticing
Chin…Sometimes I think I am too visible
Collarbone…Striving for recognition
Under the Arm…Experiencing jealousy or envy
Top of Head…Or putting myself in a position to be attacked
Eyebrow…The fox has the ability to shapeshift
Side of Eye…And choose when to be visible
Under the Eye…And when to be invisible
Under the Nose…It also can move silently
Chin…And not reveal its intentions to anyone
Collarbone…I need to learn more of this
Under the Arm…And I call upon the wisdom of the fox to teach me
Top of Head…I would like to be more mindful of how I interact in the world
Eyebrow…And learn to control my aura
Side of Eye…To be more harmonious with my environment
Under the Eye…And the people around me
Under the Nose…The fox totem teaches us
Chin…That we don’t have to reveal everything we know
Collarbone…This is another skill that I seem not to have developed
Under the Arm…I used to feel bad
Top of Head…When I wasn’t noticed
Eyebrow…But maybe that is just my inherent and unrecognized fox energy
Side of Eye…Working its magic
Under the Eye…Once recognized, I could learn to control it
Under the Nose…And enjoy being silent and invisible
Chin…When it suits me
Collarbone…And becoming visible when I think it is important
Under the Arm…Claiming the energy of the fox
Top of Head…Exercising my fox-ness.

Take a deep breath and let it out gently.  If certain thoughts or feelings came up, be sure to write them down, or continue tapping with them now.  It is also useful to write down any specific experiences you have had with the fox.  As noted above, the fox tends to be invisible so I haven’t had very many personal experiences with the fox.  I find them intriguing and am excited to seek out more opportunities to learn from them. A couple of situations and tendencies did pop into my awareness and will need further tapping. I became aware of my tendency to call people out on things, just to let them known that I know what they are up to. This has not always worked to my advantage. To divulge the knowledge just so they don’t think I’m naive or gullible is not very fox-like. I also became aware of how my previous tendency to stay in the background is at odds with my desire to be known as an author. Obviously, to sell books and make a living I will need to be more in the spotlight. Some tapping about how that could be congruent with fox energy will be quite interesting I think.

Is there another animal that you would like to see a tapping about?  Let me know.

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Until next time, Happy Tapping.

Life is Hard

There seems to be a prevalent belief that life is hard and that we should just accept it. I’m not sure where that belief actually comes from, but that prior programming is likely to get in the way of having the life I desire. As with all prior programming, tapping can eliminate or decrease its impact on my life.

Say this problem statement, “Life is hard.” Rate the intensity you feel on the 0-10 scale.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (karate-chop point) – Even though life is hard, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though life is hard, and anything that seems easy is therefore suspicious to me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, including my old ways of doing things – those old, really hard ways. Even though life is hard, I am open to the small possibility that not all things have to be hard.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…Life is hard

Side of Eye…It is supposed to be hard

Under the Eye…If it isn’t hard, I’m probably not working at it enough

Under the Nose…If it doesn’t feel hard, I’m probably slacking

Chin…Everyone knows that hard is better than easy

Collarbone…That good old Puritan work ethic. Its got to be hard

Under the Arm…Life is hard

Side of Eye…The harder the better

Under the Eye…Maybe I can make it even harder so that I can feel good about how hard it is

Under the Nose… Maybe I could make it so hard that no one could succeed

Chin…Now I’m just being silly

Collarbone…At least part of me knows that it doesn’t really have to be hard to be good

Under the Arm…I’m trying to remain open to clarity about this

Top of Head…I’m trying to remain open to the possibility that easy can be good too.

Take a deep breath and let it out. Check the intensity of your original problem statement, “Life is hard.” Write down your new rating then continue tapping with these, or similar reminder phrases until your intensity around the problem statement is significantly reduced.

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Cover Image of Tap It Away: 10 Minutes to Freedom With EFT by Dr. Leanna Manuel
More tapping can be found in this book.

Rabbit – A Tapping Meditation

When I put out a survey a while back I asked whether you wanted a tapping exercise about the cardinal or about the rabbit.  The survey was a tie, and I already gave you the one about the cardinal.  Today we will consider the rabbit.

I’d love to do some tapping videos about animals you are interested in. Let me know what you would like to see next.

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Happy Tapping

Tappable Offenses

What are tappable offenses? While calling it that may not sound particularly kind or loving, I want to catch myself in tappable offenses, defined as those things I say to myself that limit who I am or what I can be. A tappable offense almost always begins with the words “I am” or “I am not.” These words have amazing power and work at the subconscious level, which is estimated to be somewhere between 80-95% of all of the processing that goes on in our brains.

The term tappable offense doesn’t feel negative to me. It acknowledges that I have said something to or about myself that is “offensive” and that it is tappable. That means that I can do something about it. It is also very positive when I can actually catch them rather than let those negative limiting beliefs run unchecked through my subconsious for very long.

Once I noticed how often I do this, I decided to make a list (in my tapping journal) and wanted to share a few of them with you to inspire you on your own transformational journey.

  1. I am too old
  2. I am not a technie
  3. I am stupid
  4. I am an introvert so I can’t do that
  5. I am not wealthy
  6. I am tired
  7. I am not pretty
  8. I am not fast (related to swimming)
  9. I am too fat
  10. I am lazy
  11. I am too short
  12. I am stuck in my job
  13. I am never going to achieve my goals
  14. I am too anxious to put myself out there
  15. I am unlovable

That list was generated with negative self-statements I made within just 2 short days about myself. While I am often able to devise a counterargument for some of them pretty quickly, the fact that the statements showed up means that on some level they are true for me at least some of the time.

In their present form, they represent wonderful problem statements, aka most pressing issue (MPI) to start of some rounds of tapping. Make a list of your own, and write it down WITHOUT JUDGING. Then make 3 columns. In one column write down all of the proof that your problem statement is true, including past experiences that you believe support this position. Then in the second column write down all of the evidence, including experiences, in which this problem was not true. If you are like most people the second list will be shorter than the first.

In the third column, write down all of the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you would like to have that could prove that the MPI is untrue in the future. Describe your hopes and desires for how you might handle any of the past situations if they would happen again in the future (words like grace and dignity popped into my mind). Then, start tapping.

You can make your setup statement by tapping on the karate chop point and stating your problem statement, followed by the words “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” or “I am open to new thoughts, feelings, and experiences.” After you have done that 3 times while tapping on the karate chop point you can begin the tapping rounds.

You can use the things in the first column of your list as you tap through the points as many times as it takes for the problem statement to start feeling less true. Then alternate the first and second column “proof” as you continue to tap through the points. Once you are pretty sure that you have erased this issue from your negative and limiting beliefs library, tap through the points again using the things that you wrote in column three.

I plan to put together some videos that address some of the issues I included earlier on my list soon. If you have specific issues you would like to have a tapping script for, just ask. Stay tuned.

Happy Tapping

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Just for Today – I Can Ignore My Health

I can ignore my health. That is a great example of unhealthy thinking. But it is also an example of something most of us really think. If you think it is harmful to your body why do you want to eat it on your birthday, or any other time? I don’t have an answer for you, but I do have a short tapping to get you started.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point) – Even though I feel entitled to overeat on my birthday, I choose to keep my goals in mind. Even though I feel that I really deserve to blow my diet since it is a special occasion, I choose to consider finding ways to celebrate without hurting my body or my health. Even though there is a possibility that I will “blow it”, I deeply and completely accept myself including the parts of me that want this indulgence.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…It’s my birthday

Side of Eye…I deserve to eat whatever I want

Under the Eye…It doesn’t seem fair to have to say no to food on my birthday

Under the Nose…I want steak or lobster

Chin…I want cake and ice cream

Collarbone…I want pancakes and bacon for breakfast

Under the Arm…How can my day be special without those things?

Top of Head…Of course I could eat all of that but just eat smaller portions

Eyebrow..But I’m not sure that would satisfy me either

Side of Eye…Shouldn’t I be able to have whatever I want on my birthday?

Under the Eye…The answer is yes. But, maybe I should look closer at what I really want.

Under the Nose…Will those foods make me feel good about myself?

Chin…No they won’t

Collarbone…Will overeating make me feel loved?

Under the Arm…No it won’t

Top of Head…I want to choose to find ways to love myself on my birthday without hurting my health

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Now is the time to keep tapping with the answers to some of those questions. What do you really want? How can you show yourself love without hurting your health?

BONUS TAPPING: Name 3 comfort foods. While tapping through the points, describe them in as much detail as you possibly can. Continue tapping while you describe your first memory of these foods. Spend some time thinking about what these foods mean to you, when you crave them the most, and how you feel when you eat them.

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Happy Tapping.

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Those Same 5 Pounds

Have you lost the same 5, 10, or 15 pounds over and over again? You work really hard to get them off, yet you seem to gain them back almost over night. Then you do it all over again. This sequence of events is addressed in today’s tapping example.


illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point) – Even though I’ve lost this same 5 pounds before, I choose to be amazed at how easy it will be to keep it off this time. Even though I’ve lost this same 5 pounds before I respect my choice to lose it, or not lose it again. Even though I’ve lost this same 5 pounds before I love and accept myself with or without those 5 pounds.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I am so depressed

Side of Eye…Because I’ve lost the same 5 pounds before

Under the Eye…Not just once

Under the Nose…But over and over again

Chin…That feels like failure to me

Collarbone…I know it doesn’t have to keep happening that way

Under the Arm…But it feels like this cycle will never stop

Top of Head…I acknowledge my frustration

Eyebrow…I acknolwedge that I am feeling bad about this

Side of Eye…I don’t want to continue the struggle

Under the Eye…I would like to find a way to make this easier

Under the Nose…Stressing out over it won’t help me reach my goal

Chin…I am proud of myself for not giving up

Collarbone…I’d like to keep it off this time

Under the Arm…And I am open to having it be much easier

Top of Head…I love and accept myself, with or without this struggle.

Take a deep breath and let it out gently. How do you feel about the 5 pounds now? This exercise isn’t really about the 5 pounds. Most people’s weight fluctuates and the truth is that the ups happen much more easily for some people than the downs. How we feel about those fluctuations is the real issue and can set us up for even more difficulty. The key to this exercise is asserting that you can love and accept yourself no matter what your weight.

Bonus Exercise

Are you feeling brave? If so, take a look at your stomach. Take a really good look at it from the front, the side, clothed, and naked. Write down the first words that pop into your mind and then tap about those.

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Happy Tapping.

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I Feel Shame About My Eating

One of the most frequent comments I get about tapping is that people don’t know where to start. They know, or have some basic idea, what the problem is but they get all hung up on the words. It is worth repeating – the words themselves are not magic. Tapping without words still works. I always encourage people to start where they are. After you start tapping, inspiration will come. The following tapping models how to tap about feeling shame about eating. It starts with the very basic setup “Even though I feel ashamed about my eating” and uses the reminder phrase “This eating shame.”

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point) – Even though I feel ashamed about my eating I choose to love and accept myself anyway. Even though I feel ashamed about my eating, I choose to love and accept myself unconditionally. Even though I feel ashamed about my eating, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…This eating shame

Side of Eye…This eating shame

Under the Eye…This eating shame

Under the Nose…This eating shame

Chin…This eating shame

Collarbone…This eating shame

Under the Arm…This eating shame

Top of Head…This eating shame

So you might look at this and think, “She just repeated the same thing over and over.” That’s right! You can make a lot of headway just repeating that phrase if it really is what you are feeling. Then, when you start feeling or thinking something different, tap on that. Keep repeating until you feel a shift. In my experience, something always comes up. It might be a memory of when someone else shamed you about your eating. I can share with you that when I did this one about 10 times a memory popped up of someone specifically saying to me “You should be ashamed of yourself.” That was my next thing to tap on in order to release the shame.

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Happy Tapping.

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