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Happy Things January 2024

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I’ve written before about the book 14,000 things to be happy about by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I think that focusing on happy thing of the things we are happy about is a fabulous strategy for improving health and happiness. So, I decided to do a monthly blog post about my happy things. Finding things to be happy about in January was a little tough. But, that’s probably when I need it the most.

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January is the month of my deceased daughter’s birthday and this year it was the month when my mother died. If that’s not bad enough, it was also my mother’s birthday. This involved frantic travel to get to her before she passed, the painfully sad event, and the family drama that frequently rears its ugly head around such events.

If I wasn’t intentional about it I could have easily missed all of the things I’m grateful for and feel happy about.

Here’s my January 2024 list:

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  1. A caring Hospice chaplain
  2. Abundant sea shells on the beach
  3. Watching ocean waves under an amazing cloudy sky
  4. Finding a restaurant that could manage food allergies that overlooked the water.
  5. Phone calls from friends and family
  6. Successfully completing a composition I’d been working on for a long time
  7. A hotel that offered compassion and a last minute reservation change without a fee
  8. Slip on shoes
  9. Flights that left and landed on time
  10. Unsweetened iced tea
  11. Puppy kisses
  12. Beautiful hymns of faith
  13. Allergy medication
  14. A large woodpecker on the tree outside my office window

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2 thoughts on “Happy Things January 2024”

  1. Good Day Dr. Manuel,
    I was referred to you by a very good friend of mine, and is a Clinical Psychologist.
    I was told that you are on Doctor’s on Demand…I have an account and was hoping to book an appointment with, but not able to find you as a provider.
    Are accepting new patiences? I would love to have a session with you to see if we might make a good fit.

    1. If I am not listed for you as a provider on Doctor on Demand you will not be able to schedule with me. They control scheduling and I am not seeing patient other than that platform. It is possible that I am not licensed in your state.

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