Emotions Are High

angry tigerIt seems that emotions are high (intense) everywhere I go.  That makes me uncomfortable.  When emotions are high it seems harder for me to predict what is going to happen and therefore, harder to feel safe.  I prefer things to be calm and peaceful.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good debate, but even then I prefer it to be more intellectual than emotional.

The following tapping exercise is one that I used to begin my journey toward understanding and managing my discomfort.  Feel free to tap along.

illustration for karate chop pointSetup (tapping on karate chop point): Even though emotions are high and that makes me very uncomfortable, I choose to remain calm and confident.  Even though emotions are high and I don’t feel safe with that, I choose to remain calm and confident.  Even though emotions are high and I don’t like that feeling, I choose to remain calm and confident.

diagram of the tapping pointsEyebrow…Emotions are high

Side of Eye…And I don’t like dealing with emotions

Under the Eye…They are too unpredictable for me

Nose…I like things that can be measured

Chin…I like things that can be anticipated

Collarbone…I like things that can’t be controlled

Under the Arm…On some level I don’t believe that emotions can be controlled

Top of Head…At least not mine

Eyebrow…And I can’t control the emotions of other people

Side of Eye…That scares me

Under the Eye…So the higher the emotions

Nose…The less I feel in control

Chin…I’m not sure where I learned to fear emotions

Collarbone…But I am open to some clarity about this issue

Under the Arm…I am open to learning more about my emotions

Top of Head…And I am open to learning more about the emotions of others

Eyebrow…I can go slow with it

Side of Eye…I can learn about one emotion at a time

Under the Eye…If it gets to be too much

Nose…I can go back to what I’ve always done before

Chin…I can shut it off

Collarbone…That means I will still be in control

Under the Arm…I can let in as much emotion as I can handle

Top of Head…And I can block the rest if I want to

Eyebrow…I am looking forward to feeling safe with my own emotions

Side of Eye…I believe the day will come when I can feel safe with other people’s emotions too

Under the Eye…Then I will look back and be amazed at my progress

Nose…I am pretty sure that I am safe

Chin…Even when emotions are high

Collarbone…The first step is recognizing the emotions

Under the Arm…I can do that

Top of Head…I can do that

While I was doing this tapping I became aware of specific instances from my childhood that involved high or intense emotions and bad things really did happen.  The way I managed to staff safe was to be aware of everything going on around me and to be hyperalert to the intensity of other people’s emotions.  When viewed from that perspective it is no wonder that I developed this discomfort and feeling of being out of control.   The next step is to tap while remembering those specific situations.  Whenever you can get really specific and use personal experiences the result is so much greater.