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Happy Things May 2024

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Its that time again. Here is my Happy Things list for May 2024. I’ve started keeping a running list, much like the one in the book that inspired me, 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I’m not as faithful with it as I aspire to be, but am getting better. I’ve decided to include it with my Morning Pages (inspired by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way). I’ve already established the habit of writing Morning Pages every day so doing the two together could improve my consistency.

You may have read this before, but living in a state of gratitude helps your brain to help you. When you are intentionally focusing on gratitude your brain automatically screens out everything that isn’t gratitude unless it is really urgent. Poof – all of those minor annoyances can fade into the background. Whew – what a relief. I can’t help but think that this world would be a much more pleasant place if everybody was focusing more on what makes them happy or what they are grateful for.

May Happy Things


Spiral notebooks
Dry erase markers
Dusty Strings harp strings
Organic green grapes
Requests to play my harp at church
An open lane at the pool
Having crutches when you need them
Window AC units
Donated piano music
Aluminum foil
Cherry tomatoes
A new skirt
Refills for my mechanical pencils
Sturdy erasers

brown wooden harp on garden
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Perhaps some of the things that make you happy are the same as mine. Its almost certain that some will be different. I’d love it if you would share your list with the people around you and possibly even share it with me. Does anybody else have a harp on their happy things list?

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