I Can’t Be Rational About Food

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Are you still on the path for improved health and wellness in 2019?  Is the resolution still firmly in mind?  Hopefully our last tapping was a good starting point for managing the barriers to success.  One of the things that came up for me when thinking about my love-hate relationship with food was the quality of my thinking.  I’m just not very rational when I think about food.  That is what today’s tapping is about. Say this statement: “I have trouble thinking about food in a rational way.”  How true is that for you on the 0-10 scale (10=very rue).

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (karate chop point): Even though I have trouble thinking about food in a rational way, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Even though food is a highly emotional subject for me, I am working toward a different way of relating to food, meals, and eating.  Even though I have an emotional reaction to food, I love and accept myself, knowing that I am a work in progress.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I get irrational about food

Side of Eye…Thinking about food makes me emotional

Under the Eye…Thinking about not having certain foods makes me emotional

Under the Nose…Thinking about limiting certain foods makes me emotional

Chin…Everything about food and eating makes me emotional

Collarbone…And don’t say the word diet to me

Under the Arm…I am working on changing these emotional responses

Top of Head…I look forward to seeing food in a new way.

Now say that beginning statement again, “I have trouble thinking about food in a rational way.”  Rate it again on the 0-10 scale.  Was there any change?  It may have gone up, gone down, or stayed the same.  The relative change is new information to use in your tapping.  Here are some suggestions to make it more powerful.

  1. Substitute a particular food instead of the word “food” to make it more specific if there is a food or group of foods that brings the strongest emotional reaction.
  2. Tap while thinking about how much you believe you would miss a particular food
  3. Tap while using your original rating number, “This 9-feeling in my gut when I think about not eating _____”
  4. If you are feeling particularly impatient with the slow progress….tap about your lack of patience with an affirmation about being a work in progress.
book cover for Don't Diet Reprogramming Your Weight With Meridian Tapping

Remember you can find these and other tapping exercises to assist in your health and wellness in Don’t Diet: Reprogram Your Weight With Meridian Tapping.  I’d love to hear back from you about your successes or to answer any questions.

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