Primal Power has been set free.

I’ve been anticipating the completion of my new book Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness for quite a while now. Well, it is finally completed and available for sale. I am excited to share this book with everyone. It seems like I have been working toward this goal forever and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Catchy title. Attractive Cover. But most of all, a topic that I am passionate about.

Unleash Your Primal Power

So far, Unleash Your Primal Power is available in softcover and e-book on both Amazon and Balboa Press. If it isn’t already, it should also be available at Barnes and Noble very soon. If you find it other places, please let me know. Once you have read it, honest reviews are appreciated.

One of the questions I was recently asked was what the title meant. The video that follows explains the concept and title. If you have other questions, please ask.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 22 that also helps to explain the title.

I see primal power as the source or essence of our personality. It is that essential spark that is inherent in all of us and fundamental to the way we interact in our world. It is that part of us that is untainted by life’s hard knocks and is simmering at our core, waiting for expression.

Power is defined as the ability to do something or take action. Common synonyms include ability, capacity, potential, capability, and competence. When you pair the definition of primal with the definition of power you get an ability or potential for doing great things because of a fundamental essence or characteristic.

Then there is the word unleash. That means to release from a leash or similar type of restraint. Common synonyms are release, free, untie, untether, or unshackle. Combining this with the definitions or primal and power, this book has been about helping you to break free of the external and internal forces that have kept you imprisoned or that have made it hard for you to grow into the person you want to become so you can exercise that essential or fundamental ability to act in ways that you choose and desire.

Happy Tapping

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Ready, Set, Wait a Bit Longer for Unleash Your Primal Power

Unleash Your Primal Power

It has been an exciting week. On Friday I saw the cover design and interior layout for Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness. While a few tweaks will be necessary, the finish line for getting this book “on the shelves” is starting to come into view.

Just the title is enough to make you feel that something is happening. After all, the word UNLEASH gives you the sense that something powerful is about to be set free. Indeed I hope that is true for you. I believe that most, if not all people, have an inner wisdom or spirit, that if we just allowed it to flow freely or be “unleashed,” would guide and improve our lives.

Unleash Your Primal Power combines the technique – tapping, with animal characteristics to form an easily learned technology for lasting personal change. The book will guide you through multiple examples, using different animal characteristics, to help you get started.

Try this exercise:

  1. What is the first animal you would like to visit at the zoo if you could just walk straight to it?
  2. Name at least 3 characteristics of that animal that you admire or enjoy.
  3. How similar are you to that animal?
  4. In your daily life do you exhibit those 3 characteristics above? Do you behave somewhat different, or opposite of those 3 characteristics?
  5. How would it help you to be more like the animal?
  6. What situations do you see yourself in that, if you behaved or thought more like that animal, you would benefit?
  7. Have there been specific times when you behaved the opposite?
  8. Was there a specific time when you “learned” that having those characterstics was unsafe?
  9. Is it still unsafe?
  10. Imagine yourself exhibiting the characteristics of the animal. How does it feel?

I hope you wrote down your answers. Now, start tapping using the questions and answers above. Change tapping spots as you are guided by your intuition. When you are done, be sure to write down any thoughts or feelings that you had.

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Bees – A Tapping Meditation

What is the first thing you think of when you see a bee? Is it the potential for being stung? Or perhaps it is the important role they play in our ecology. There is much we can learn from the spirit, role, and behaviors of bees. Join me in a tapping meditation.

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Tapping Meditation Video – Fox

Someone told me recently that they have a hard time reading the tapping exercises and doing the tapping at the same time. I listened. Here is a tapping video of the fox tapping meditation I posted recently so that you can perhaps follow along more easily.

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self-sufficient snail

In this post you will find another tapping exercise inspired by the snail. When you think about snails, they could be considered very self-sufficient. They actually carry their home on their back. I don’t think we have to carry our houses with us, but many of us do need to consider how much we rely on others to get our needs met.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point) – I think I rely too much on others. I would like to be more self-sufficient like the snail. It even carries its own home with it wherever it goes. It doesn’t have to rely on anyone else to survive. I choose to be more self-sufficient and choose to live like a snail when I am feeling overly dependent.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I don’t like how much I rely upon others

Side of Eye…For things that I think I should be able to do myself

Under the Eye…It is ok to rely upon others sometimes

Under the Nose…But it would feel good to rely upon myself

Chin…It would feel good to know that I can take care of myself

Collarbone…When I want or need to be

Under the Arm…When I choose to be self-sufficient

Top of Head…I can think of the snail

Eyebrow…Carrying everything it needs

Side of Eye…And feel encouraged

Under the Eye…That I could be that way too

Under the Nose…I might not literally carry my house

Chin…But I can feel “at home” with my own abilities

Collarbone…I want to be more self-sufficient

Under the Arm…I can be more self-sufficient

Top of Head…I choose to be more self-sufficient

Take a deep breath and let it out gently.

Happy Tapping!

For more about tapping with animal characteristics check out the book Unleash Your Primal Power.

Don’t Rush

I don’t like to rush. I know lots of people who seem to do everything fast. They wait until the last minute to get started with things then have to hurry to complete them on time (if they complete them on time). I prefer a slow and steady pace rather than a periodically rushed pace. It’s not that I can’t hurry if the situation calls for it. I just prefer to plan far enough ahead so I don’t have to. While I may be comfortable being slow and steady, that doesn’t stop other people from making fun of me.

If you have been following along with the animal theme, the tapping that follows is inspired by the snail.

illustration for karate chop point

Setup: (Karate Chop Point) – Even though I’m slow as a snail, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though rushing or hurrying isn’t in my nature, I choose to love and accept my own speed. Even though I am uncomfortable zipping around like everyone around me, I love myself completely.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…I’m slow

Side of Eye…It takes a long time for me to get anywhere

Under the Eye…In reality, I’m ok with my speed

Under the Nose…It feels right to me

Chin…I like following my inner guidance

Collarbone…But when I watch everyone else

Under the Arm…I sometimes feel inadequate

Top of Head…I sometimes feel inferior

Eyebrow…I don’t like those feelings

Side of Eye…Going fast may be good for other people

Under the Eye…And it may not even be as good for all of them as they think

Under the Nose…I am different

Chin…I have may own pace

Collarbone…My pace is the best one for me

Under the Arm…When I feel rushed

Top of Head…I choose to remember the perfection of a snail’s pace for that snail.

Picture of a beautiful snail

Stay tuned. More animal inspired tapping is coming, and watch for my upcoming book, Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness.

Reaching For More

Think about the neck of the giraffe. Now imagine it reaching up to grab a tasty leaf hanging high above. The stretching and reaching associated with the giraffe may be physical, but the giraffe as a totem may also be instructing us about stretching and reaching for a goal or simply stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

Say this statement aloud, “I’m afraid to leave my comfort zone.” How true does that feel on the 0-10 SUD scale?

illustration for karate chop point

Setup (Karate Chop Point): I have this image of the giraffe stretching and reaching with its amazingly long neck. I also have an image of myself closed safely into my comfort zone without taking any risks. In that image I am small like a mouse, not majestic and tall like a giraffe. Most of the time I reject the comfort zone image and will urge myself to stretch beyond whatever it is that I, or others, think I can accomplish. Although I would prefer to be continually reaching for more, I love and accept the part of myself that sometimes wishes for comfort and safety instead. Even though I feel that I don’t always risk enough, I love and accept myself completely. Even though sometimes I have trouble reaching, risking, or leaving my comfort zone I deeply and completely love, accept, and honor all parts of myself and choose to allow my intuition to guide me.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…Feeling small

Side of Eye…But wanting to be big

Under the Eye…Prefering to stay in my comfort zone

Under the Nose…But also wanting to reach for more

Chin…It is true that sometimes I take risks

Collarbone…But in reality

Under the Arm…It is less often than I wish

Top of Head…I like to imagine myself

Eyebrow…Sticking my neck out more often

Side of Eye…Sometimes I think about doing it

Under the Eye…And sometimes I actually do it

Under the Nose…And sometimes I don’t act at all

Chin…I’d like to know more about

Collarbone…My choices

Under the Arm…I would like to think that I am listening to my intuition

Top of Head…And that my intuition is flawlessly guiding me

Eyebrow…To take risks when appropriate

Side of Eye…And to stay in my comfort zone

Under the Eye…When that is in my best interest too

Under the Nose…But I suspect that it is my willingness

Chin…To listen to my intuition that really is making the difference

Collarbone…I definitely have more growth

Under the Arm…Coming my way in this risk taking thing

Top of Head…Perhaps my willingness to take a risk

Eyebrow…Or to reach for more

Side of Eye…And leave my comfort zone

Under the Eye…Is somehow a product of my values and priorities

Under the Nose…Actually makes some sense to me

Chin…Reaching for more may be much easier

Collarbone…When the goal I’m reaching for is very important

Under the Arm…And when the goal is neutral or perhaps not really desirable

Top of Head…I hold back

Eyebrow…So when I think about reaching for more

Side of Eye…I need to identify some things

Under the Eye…That are worth reaching for

Under the Nose…Things that feel important

Chin…Things that match my values

Collarbone…Reaching for more

Under the Arm…Reaching for more purpose

Top of Head…Reaching for what matters

Take a deep breath and let it out gently. Say the starting statement aloud again, “I’m afraid to leave my comfort zone.” Re-rate the emotional reaction on the 0-10 scale and notice any change.

Primal Instincts

primal instict of sharkPrimal Instincts – that is really the theme of my upcoming book Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness. We all have primal instincts.  What follows is a sneak peek at a tapping exercise included that considers what we can learn from the primal instincts of sharks.

I find it hard at times to rely on my instincts. For much of my life people in charge have made me question whether my instincts were valid and reliable.  It happened  in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways.  For example, were you ever so angry as a child that you told a grown up that you hated someone and they responded back by telling you that you didn’t really hate that person? Maybe you had an experience in which you felt frightened but you were told that what you were afraid of wasn’t really scary.  I’ve had both of these done to me and have done both to others. Being told that what I was feeling was wrong made me less in tune or able to trust my primal powers and instincts.  Although I’m doing better I still sometimes find it hard to rely on my gut, even though it is pretty accurate.

illustration for karate chop pointSetup (karate chop point): Even though I find it hard to listen to my gut, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Even though I often second guess myself when it comes to following my instincts, I am learning to love that part of me again.


diagram of the tapping pointsEyebrow…Afraid to trust my gut

Side of Eye…Afraid to trust myself

Under the Eye…Afraid to trust my inner guidance

Under the Nose…Afraid to trust my primal nature

Chin…Afraid to follow my intuition

Collarbone…Trained to believe they are right and I am wrong

Under the Arm…Even about my own feelings

Top of Head…And my own experiences

Eyebrow…When I have trusted my gut

Side of Eye…It has been amazingly spot on

Under the Eye…But much of the time

Under the Nose…I don’t even listen for it anymore

Chin…Or worse, I hear it, but ignore it

Collarbone…Bad things usually follow

Under the Arm…When I ignore an instinct or a gut feeling

Top of Head…Learning to trust again

Eyebrow…Learning to trust ME again

Side of Eye…Not giving up on the facts

Under the Eye…But acknowledging a knowing that is sometimes beyond the facts

Under the Nose…Knowing what I feel

Chin…My feelings can’t be wrong

Collarbone…It doesn’t mean that I have to react to them

Under the Arm…All of the time

Top of Head….But I can learn to hear my inner voice again and reclaim my primal power.