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Welcome To Dr. Leanna Manuel LLC

I have a mission. That mission is to recognize and enhance the unique brilliance in every person with whom I have contact. And that includes you. It is my hope that you will find some morsel that will move you toward a deeper and more satisfying connection with yourself and the Universe.

I am a woman who is actively looking for opportunities to expand my boundaries and enjoy life. My formal training as a registered nurse and clinical psychologist has been the basis of my professional life. As a nurse I worked in a variety of hospital settings, but primarily in the emergency department. As a Clinical Psychologist I had a private practice that was less than traditional. I included animal-assisted therapy, martial arts, energy work, and other activity-based therapies with my traditional psychological services. My clinical work was also featured on MTV’s True Life, following a young man in therapy over the course of a year.

I am also a Reiki master, martial artist, EFT practitioner, and musician. I am the mother of two handsome, talented, and loving sons that are now exploring the world on their own terms. They have expanded my family with wonderful wives and ……. a granddaughter and grandson.  I am also the mother of a beautiful daughter who has lived with her heavenly family since infancy.

I am continually challenging myself to become the very best me that I can be. That is also my challenge to you.

Once again – welcome.

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