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It Helps Me Relax

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wine for relaxation

There are many people who enjoy a glass or two of wine and feel that it helps them to relax. There are also people who are watching their calories and know that wine doesn’t help much with that daily calorie count. Here is a tapping that might help with that decision-making.

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Setup (Karate Chop Point) – Even though wine helps me relax in the evening, I know that it adds to the calories I’m taking in each day. I don’t even want to think about giving that up too. I’ve already given up so many foods that I love in order to lose weight. Giving up my wine just doesn’t feel like it is even possible. What would I do to relax in the evening instead? Even though this conflict feels very uncomfortable to me, I am open to wisdom and clarity. Even though I am reluctant to give up my glass of wine in the evening, and I suspect that it is making it harder for me to reach my weight loss goals, I love and accept myself anyway.

diagram of the tapping points

Eyebrow…Wine helps me relax in the evening

Side of Eye…I just don’t know what I would do without it

Under the Eye…I am afraid that I would be uptight and anxious

Under the Nose…I certainly don’t want that

Chin…Besides, they say wine is good for you

Collarbone…It is almost a health food

Under the Arm…I really do know better than that

Top of Head…I don’t like the idea that I have to drink wine just to relax

Eyebrow…It wold be nice if I could come up with some other things that relax me too

Side of Eye…Maybe things that don’t have so many calories

Under the Eye…Or even things that burn calories

Under the Nose…That would be nice

Chin…I could ask for help so I don’t feel overwhelmed

Collarbone…Wine does help be relax in the evening

Under the Arm…Adding all of the those calories on to the end of my day isn’t really what I want in the long run

Top of Head…But I don’t want anybody to take it away from me

Eyebrow…I am choosing what calories I want to put in my body

Side of Eye…Sometimes I might plan my day so that I have a glass of wine

Under the Eye…Some days I might not

Under the Nose…Nothing bad will happen to me if I don’t drink wine

Chin…There are lots of ways I can take care of myself

Collarbone…It feels good to know that I have choices

Under the Arm…It feels good to take care of myself

Top of Head…It feels good to know I can always tap if I need to relax

If you aren’t feeling completely calm about this yet, keep tapping. Use your own words and describe how you really feel about the situation to get the most relief.

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Happy Tapping.

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