SEO Fitness Workbook 2019

I’ll admit it. I’m not usually fond of having my intellectual weaknesses highlighted. I know I have them. There are very few people that are awesome at everything. I recently read (listened to) SEO Fitness Workbook 2019 by Jason McDonald. I’ve been trying to work on my social media presence and was very much aware that SEO isn’t my strong suit.

Although I had gotten away from doing book reviews, here is the one I put on Amazon about this book…..

Disclaimer – I started this book as an SEO Idiot. I finished this book as an SEO Idiot with hope. I have spent literally years wondering why I could never get traffic to my website. I’ve been listening to this book on audible, and about 3.5 hours in I had one of those jaw dropping, lightbulb lighting, and forehead smacking experiences that you only see in cartoons. I had to pull off the road – literally – because I was laughing and crying so hard. I decided to listen all the way through once before embarking on the journey to try to correct the problems with my website. I feel pretty confident that, following his advice, I will be able to make some positive changes. In addition, I have just enough knowledge to speak semi-intelligently if I choose to hire someone to help me. I highly recommend this book to ANYONE who wasn’t born with computers, has a business, or just wants to know how this all works.

SEO Fitness Workbook: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google (2019 Updated Edition) by [McDonald, Jason]

I really do recommend this book. I’ve listened to it twice now. Maybe the third time will be the charm….and I should probably do the recommended exercises.